Interesting Article About Weight Gain

I was reading an article today on MSNBC which I found interesting:

Weight gain won’t budge after menopause? Study offers diet strategies

I could relate to this article on so many levels.  First of all, I’m tired of constantly tracking my food.  I confess to not having written it down, but I can tell you what I’ve eaten this week.  Every morsel.  Including the 6 life savers I had today at 10 calories each.  I can totally empathize with the women in this study. In fact, I think they wrote it about me.  I don’t eat or drink that many empty calories.  I don’t eat potatoes, although I did have french fries last week for the first time in months.  Then I danced my arse off that night.

I eat fruit every day.  I had a pear today in the car while I was between meetings.  Today’s lunch was salad with chicken breast which was leftover from the dinner I made last night.  I put rice wine vinegar on it for dressing.

I exercise almost every single day.  Maybe not a hard core gym workout everyday, but at least a 30 minute dog walk or ride on the recumbent bike.  I’m far more active than many people in my age group.

Perhaps there is hope.  The article states that “The women who added fruits and vegetable to their diets, using them to replace higher-calorie meats and cheeses, lost more weight over the long-term. That small change can give you a big, long-term result.”

I’ve been at this new way of eating for a year.  I’m moving better, fitting into clothes better and feeling better.  A former colleague stopped by the office today, said hello and then said “wow, you look good – really good.”  My Rheumatoid Arthritis is virtually non-existent except for the bad knee – which is an injury and not RA.

I’m going to continue on my path to long term good eating.  And the only empty calories I will continue to consume, but not overindulge it?

 You got it. 


2 thoughts on “Interesting Article About Weight Gain

  1. Good read! That is so true about women undergoing hormonal changes can disrupt sleep, stress you out and make you tired, all being associated with weight gain. Thanks for sharing. Bridgette

    • I have always had trouble sleeping, and had stress in my life and I know I’m at that hormonal stage as well. I’m not making excuses but the more I read, the more I realize the cards are stacked against me.

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