Coffee Time

I’m having my Sunday morning coffee out on the front patio with my laptop and thought maybe I’d do another ‘easy like Sunday morning’ blog post.  I can talk about going to dinner last night with my grandson.  It was the first time we’ve gone out to dinner and at 4 months, it’s time to start.  It was a gorgeous day and technically we were supposed to babysit him, but we got fired from that gig because his mother decided she didn’t want to go to the all day country music concert.  So we all went for dinner and Landon was a perfect gentleman.  We sat outside in Wickford, the waterfront village near where I grew up.  We were early so there were 2 other youngsters – a 16 months old chatterbox name Lila.  She kept calling Mr. Phat Papa because I guess he reminded her of her Papa.  Coincidentally, Mr. Phat is also Papa.  There was another 7 month old baby who looked just about the same age as our grandson.  He’s a big boy at 4 months he’s almost 16 pounds and 25 inches long.  Maybe because he has no hair, it makes his head look so much bigger?

Landon discovered his tongue today

His shirt is for Breast Cancer Awareness month and the breast cancer walk that we do each year in honor of his grandmother who passed away at age 41.

The rest of Sunday will hopefully be easy too.  Mr. Phat is doing an abbreviated open house while I have a pedicure then we’re heading to Massachusetts to a graduation party for my girlfriend’s son.  Our parents met in college and I’ve known her my entire life and her son is heading to Brown U in the pre-med program.

Soon enough, the day will be over and it’ll be ‘not so easy like Monday morning.’

Enjoy your day everyone.


2 thoughts on “Coffee Time

  1. OMG… That is the cuties baby EVER! He got a little tongue. Leigh… Can I borrow him for just 1 week 2 play grandmama? LOL Bridgette. Sent Via iPad.

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