Million Dollar Baby

Just because those boxing gloves are PINK, doesn’t mean that this was a mandy pandy wimpy workout!!! Cathy at Better Bodies Functional Fitness works on you until you’re ready to yell “UNCLE!”  We started with circuit training.  I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.  These knees are not made for jumping.  Of any kind.  She had me attempting jumping jacks (ok, so they were the funniest looking jumpin’ jacks that you’ve seen) and then I had to jump rope.  Again, a nearly futile attempt although I did manage to get half a dozen jumps in a row several times.  Maybe my knees can be trained to jump again.  I guess if it’s possible, Cathy will help me make it happen.

But my favorite is boxing.  Jab, Cross, Jab, Cross.  Then we add in the hooks and uppercuts.  It’s really cool and a great workout.  I’m gonna feel it tomorrow.  Thanks Cathy.  If you want to know what a good workout is all about – you can find her at

I’ve not felt this good since 2006 when I was in terrific shape.  Thanks Cathy!!  I needed the push that you gave me this spring.


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