New Year, New Chick


Photo as I started Phat50Chick with RA


It’s been just about a year!!  This is my 75th post on Phat50Chick with RA.  I have been less avid about posting lately but that’s due to lack of time.  I’ve finally gotten into a groove with my health kick which is finally paying off and I’d like to think that it’s showing a bit.  Judging by the photos above, I think that I have more of a waist these days.  Which only makes the boobs look bigger, but whaddya gonna do?

I have been diligently working with my trainer Cathy once a week for probably close to 3 months.  She kicks my butts regularly on Tuesdays.  I hurt for a couple of days after but it’s a good hurt – the kind I actually like!  In between I’ve been walking, hiking or riding my recumbent bike.  The dog and I do a lot of walking which benefits the both of us. Soon I will start incorporating some of the moves I do with Cathy in my routine on other days of the week.

Eating has moderated as well.  I am less hungry.  I eat meals and don’t snack throughout the day like I used to do.  I am trying to combine more protein and fruit with less crap and overall it’s been good. And I’ve not felt deprived. And I’m not obsessing about food, calories or points.  I’m just being sensible.  On the occasions when I overate, I didn’t kick myself or continue on the binge.  No, I started right back with healthy eating.

The clothes are looser and I’m moving better.  While I don’t look great in a bathing suit, I’ve had one on more times this month than all of the past 2 years.  My RA is definitely more in the background than ever before.  The joints don’t hurt so much, I’m not taking pain medication at all these days.  And I got bloodwork results back yesterday and all is good on that front as well.

I think that this groove is going to help me move along to a smaller, healthier me more quickly now.  Especially with Sargeant Cathy the Trainer monitoring me.

So as I start my second year as Phat50Chick with RA who’s almost 51,  I’m feeling so much better than I was a year ago and I’m looking forward to the next year.  Truly grateful to all my followers who stayed with me thru the tough times, the good times and always encouraged me.  I think that is the best part of Phat50Chick – is your comments and words of encouragement.  I look forward to having you on the journey for the next year. Happy Birthday to me.


7 thoughts on “New Year, New Chick

  1. Hey Leigh! I’m so proud of you! I have been thinking of starting a blog. Maybe I should. You are an inspiration!! Thank you!

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