Sunset in Nantucket

Life can be interesting.  The connections you make can seem so random at times and then other times they make you stop in your tracks and wonder.  Which is what happened to me today.

My previous post was a guest post from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.  The writer had found my blog and liked that I talked about chronic illness and exercise.  He was trying to publicize his organization’s blog and asked me if I would let him guest post.  Before agreeing, I did check out their website and did wonder what an overweight, 50 year old woman with RA would have in common with cancer patients – particularly those with Mesothelioma.  But I had nothing special to post about since I’m still a Phat Almost 51 chick with RA, and agreed to the guest post.

This morning I went to see a long time customer of the insurance agency where I work to renew his business insurance.  Business has been tough for this blue collar business the last few years with the economic downturn, but the two owners have tried very hard to keep the business going and are always so pleasant to me even when it seems that I’m always there looking for money.

I sat with one of the owners this morning and while we discussed the state of the economy and the business in particular,  he mentioned that he had a major health problem occur this year.  When I prodded him about it, he said he was diagnosed with Mesothelioma and had a lung removed earlier this year.  He had recently started back to work part time and the past 2 weeks he’d been going to the Y.  He described using the elliptical machine and at first could only do one minute at a time, with a minutes rest in between.  He’s worked up to 4 minutes before needing the minute rest and said his body is still healing and it’s frustrating but he thinks he might be starting to feel better.  Plus he wants to work his remaining lung to strengthen it.

I don’t talk about my blog on the job much – and certainly not to a man that’s a few years younger than my father.  But I divulged that I had a blog about RA, and being overweight  and mentioned the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliances guest post about how good exercise is for cancer patients.  We shared some discussion about our health issues and exercise as well.  It was a very moving meeting and it stayed at the top of my mind for the balance of the day.  Coincidence?  Really?  I just don’t know, but it sure makes me wonder.

And it made me want to exercise!  My personal trainer Cathy kicked my butt this afternoon!! Ouch!!


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