Phat’s Physical Phitness

The end result of one of our hikes!

What a great incentive to get out there and hike this weekend.  Beautiful weather in Franconia, NH and great views.  I spent three days doing a lot of walking and hiking throughout Franconia Notch and every step felt great.  I never ached, got tired or had too much pain.  On Saturday we did a short, but very steep and rocky climb up Artist Bluff to this view.

Even Abbie the Jack Russell made the climb and enjoyed the view.  The remarkable thing to me was climbing down.  I truly feared that I would have trouble going back down the rocky trail.  I have issues going down stairs.  But Cathy, my trainer, has made me understand that my limitations may not be so much in my body as they are in my head.  Some of the moves that she has me do, I tell her that I can’t do.  But infact, I can do them.  I think that sometimes we tell ourselves we can’t do certain things because either we fear failure, or don’t want to hurt ourselves or are lazy.  Maybe I’ve used the RA as an excuse for somethings.  Truth is, I’m not fat because I have RA.  I had a weight issue before I got RA – infact, I’ve struggled with my weight most of my life.  RA has given me an excuse to be lazy about my fitness.

So I pushed myself and actually the hike down wasn’t nearly as difficult as I envisioned and I have to thank Cathy for making me rethink my reservations about some movements.  I’m not sure I would have attempted this climb before listening to her help me rethink fitness.

I felt so good all weekend because we never stopped moving.  I estimate that over the three days we did about 12.5 miles of hiking or walking.  My legs haven’t felt this good in a long time and my demeanor was more upbeat than it’s been in while.  I really do believe that physical movement is so good for those with chronic illness.  Or any illness for that matter.

Which is a good segue for introducing my next post, which is actually a guest post from a blogger who is an advocate for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.  He is going to talk about fitness and cancer patients.   That post is coming later this week.  Stay tuned.

Meantime, tomorrow, I have another session with Cathy and I hope she kicks my butt again!! I’m going to be ready this time!


5 thoughts on “Phat’s Physical Phitness

  1. What an inspiring blog!!! Congratulations on your new outlook! Sounds like Cathy is a great trainer!! You are a good “student” as well! I know for me, even though I have 4 pins in my left hip and the doctors told me I probably wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the things I do today, I pushed myself and continue to…as the benefits out weigh the risks!

  2. As you know my Mom has RA and has pretty much lost her mobility to walk any distance. My baby sister has also been diagnosed and is suffering daily. I can’t wait to share your blog with both of them.
    You have always been a strong woman and I admire your drive and motivation..

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