Kicking my Butt!!

This is what I'm going for

I found this photo on my old desktop.  This is from Summer of 2006, shortly after I started working with a personal trainer.  She was working me hard and it showed.  Prior to this I was a bit more doughy and I would never have worn that shirt.  I wouldn’t put it on now, either.  I worked with my trainer from Spring 2006, until February 2007 when I had a bad ski accident.  Late summer I started back with the trainer until the fall when the gym we went to closed.  I promised that I would continue my workouts, but life got in the way.  The ski accident really knocked me for a loop – broke my left shoulder and ankle and felt the pain for 6 months.  In turn, my Rheumatoid Arthritis went into full flare, and I started on prednisone.  Falling in love with a foodie was terrific but it was the third side of a bad triangle.  Let’s not talk about a stressful job and the ex trying to get more money from divorce court.  I can really blame nobody but me.  I’m the one that overate, overdrank and underexercised.

Until now!!  My new trainer Cathy, at Better Bodies Functional Fitness has been kicking my ASS!! There is no other word for it.  I saw her Friday and will still feeling the twinges in my quads today when I went back for another whoopin’.  And that’s exactly what I got!!  She had me doing circuits – kettlebells, rubber bands, running laps around cones in the parking lot, and working with ropes. Oh, and did I mention the Bosu?  OUCH!!  Cathy has made me understand that some of the pain, I think I have is in my mind.  She’s made me understand that I can do more than I think I can – I haven’t run in about 7 years when I played some tennis.  And it really didn’t hurt.  It felt weird, but it didn’t hurt.

She says that fitness is about movement – it’s not all about muscles – there is so much more to it.  So she’s going to work on movement, and my core and help me have better balance.  Something I could definitely use.

I’m looking forward to the next whooping – perhaps next year.  But in the meantime, I wish Cathy good luck with her hip surgery this week and a quick recovery so that she can come back and whip my butt on a weekly basis and see this through so I look like the photo above.  Right – 6 years younger!!!


3 thoughts on “Kicking my Butt!!

  1. Jane – With RA, there are days. Sometimes I just hurt so much. And I do give in and baby myself. After a full day, who wants to exercise. However, sometimes I play a game with myself and say that all I have to do is get on my recumbent bike for 5 minutes, or take a walk ‘just up the street.’ It usually works very well because once you start, 5 minutes isn’t enough and you feel better already and then when you’ve done 20 – 40 minutes of biking or walking, your perspective has changed and you’re motivated and energized.

    Movement is actually the best thing for RA – it’s a necessary evil.

  2. Love “it’s not so much about the muscles, it’s movement.”
    I also suggest this to clients. Whether it’s depression or addiction or weight loss. Be clear about your intention. What specifically do you want to create & then move. Speed doesn’t matter. As you point out – just get your a– out the door!
    Thanks for your inspiration as always!

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