Kickboxing? Me?

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Wednesday I finally got the chance to start working with Cathy, my trainer.  I only called her a “*itch” once during the hour I was with her.  And it took me 58 minutes to do that.  And it was WONDERFUL.  Her gym is not the typical gym with rows of ellipticals, treadmills and bikes alongside nautilus equipment.  No, her’s looks like something out of Rocky, complete with the open garage door.  And I loved it.  In that love/hate sort of way that we women have. 

She wants to introduce me to everything that they do in the gym so that I can pick a couple classes to do each week.  Did you ever box? she asked me.  Never.  I used to watch it alot and love it but I’ve never boxed.  They have kick boxing classes at her gym and she thought maybe I’d like to try one.  She wrapped my hands and put on gloves and started teaching me the punch, cross, hook and undercut.  I was punching the mitts on her hands, then the bag and ultimately she had me walking across the room with these moves.  It felt great!!  I punched all the aggravation of the day out of me on Wednesday afternoon.  Plus I sweated so much!! It was wonderful.

Went home, feeling so accomplished and worn out and relaxed!! I think that I can really do this, exert energy and calories and get into better shape and not be bored.  Thanks Cathy for reaching out to my call for help and I hope I’m going to love it at your gym.

More later.  I got some people I need to punch 🙂


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