This was one dreary week in New England.  It rained most of the week and was just plain old ugly.  The sun did shine this morning, but it wasn’t enough to erase some of the dreary events of the week. 

On Wednesday afternoon a heart attack felled Carl Beane, who was the voice of Fenway Park, home of the faltering Boston Red Sox.  Fenway Park calls itself America’s most Beloved Ball Park, having just celebrated their 100th anniversary on April 20th.  Carl Beane is a voice that all of us knew who went to the park and he shone on the anniversary as the Red Sox invited former players to join them on the field in a ceremony before the game to honor the park and baseball.  I didn’t know Carl Beane and quite honestly, wasn’t aware of what he looked like until after his death.  He had a great smile that matched his voice and I read that he was living his dream, announcing for the Red Sox.  He was quoted as saying ”This is what I know I was put on Earth to do.” How blessed to feel that way about one’s occupation.  Not many people can say that about their life’s work.

I have a sister in law that is from a tight Greek family.  The father came from Cypress as a young man and ultimately brought other members of his family over to the states and they all raised successful, well schooled families.  The cousins are all quite close and I recall that they always made it a point to get together on New Year’s Day to celebrate.  I spoke to my brother on Thursday and learned that the second to the youngest cousin had passed of a heart attack last weekend.  Only 45 and still a newlywed, having met and married his wife in 2007.  In the Ukraine, no less.  They have a young boy and their second child is due next month.  This young man was an engineer and lived life with that Joie de vie that many people never get close to experiencing.  He had a number of college degrees, was a certified pilot and member of the civil air patrol, and his obituary said that he loved gardening, fishing, hiking and scuba diving. 

Events like these sure make you question your faith.  How can these cruel things happen to these two wonderful, accomplished men.  Why do their families have to bear the brunt of this cruelty?  People say that God only gives you what you can handle but I don’t believe it and especially for the young pregnant wife with a young son who is grieving the loss of the love of her life.  Does God really control life in such as way as to think it was time to take these lives this week? 

I don’t know.  I have to confess that it questions my faith.


3 thoughts on “Faith

  1. You are right, it was a dreary week, and events in your life sound like they made things seem even drearier. I don’t know what to say, except that my faith has always been the thing that has kept me going in tough times in my life. I don’t believe that God does control events but allows things to unfold and us to make choices about how we react. I think he is understanding of our weaknesses and difficulties having faith, though. That’s when we need His help the most! Just my own personal philosophy. Hope you feel better soon. The sun would help!

    • Kind words Karen. Thanks. I appreciate that you shared your personal philosophy. Everyone has their own and mine waivers….never really sure what to feel. I like how you think – sortof like parenting. You raise your children by teaching your morals and beliefs and then have to see how they react as they go thru life and still be there for guidance. Nice way to think of God because the way I was thinking about him today is really not how I want to think of God.

      Have a Happy Mother’s Day.

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