Easy Like Sunday Morning

Friends, it’s been a remarkable week for me and I’m happy to be up early, enjoying the peace and quiet with my coffee and blog.  I have much to share with you and I’ll start with the reason for the blog – me.

I was quite good at following my new eating patterns all week.  I did well with trying to fit 5 mini meals into my day, but sometimes it was only 4.  I tracked every morsel on Fitday.com and logged every bit of exercise.  Mr. Phat was right along with me, helping figure out what to make for dinner each night and it went very well.  He confessed that he’d like to lose a couple of pounds that he put on over the winter.

I didn’t feel hungry during the daytime at all, but occassionally at night I was hungry.  I’d have tea, or more water and a piece of dark chocolate (it is a food group, right?) or a mini ice cream sandwich.  Because this is about changing my lifestyle and learning to enjoy in moderation, not about starving myself.

Friday morning when I stepped on the scale, I was down 3.4 pounds!! Without really feeling that I had made many sacrifices.  I like eating fruits, vegetables and proteins.  I feel physically better when I eat like this.  My knees feel far less inflamed and more boney. I didn’t take celebrex for 2 days in a row and didn’t realize it.  I think that’s all the result of eating whole foods and not the processed carbs.  You’d think I’d adhere to this eating style more regularly knowing that, but alas, in the past I’ve always slipped up and never got back to eating whole foods.

Keeping my activity up and interesting was easy this week. It’s spring and we live in the woods.  We’ve discovered some very nice hiking trails through the woods and have been exploring them each day with the dog.  I think we’re pretty lucky to live here near all of this and have these natural resources in our backyard.

But the best of all for this week was that I became a grandmother on Friday night! After my weigh in Friday, I stroll into the office with my coffee to get ready for work and I have a text from my stepdaughter and they’re at the hospital.  They had been there since 4am.  What a long long long wait of a day, especially thru a very grueling Red Sox – Yankees game to celebrate the 100th Birthday of Fenway Park.  Finally, around 11pm we got the call that Landon was born and was a very healthy 7.1 pounds.  What a long day for all of us, but thru the stress of it all, when we went out for dinner, I had baked fish.  Atta Girl!!




7 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday Morning

  1. Congratulations, Leigh! On both the weight loss and the new grandchild. Keep it up and remember to keep thinking….lifestyle change not starving yourself. Makes it much easier to maintain. I’m off to my niece’s baptism so I am celebrating babies today, too.

    • Not having been a mom, I wasn’t sure how I’d do with this grandchild business, and I’m surprised myself how much I love that little baby and how I’ve loved him since the minute I knew he existed. I realize how special all of this is – I hope you enjoyed your baptism. And I saw on FB that our classmate Steve Kreshak became a grandpa also!!! It’s catching!!

  2. We can battle this together Leigh. The Jenny has me eating 6 smaller meals, too and I can’t believe how much better I feel. I have a long way to catch up to my sis! And congrats on becoming a grammie 😀

    • It’s amazing isn’t it? I skipped the celebrex today and feel OK. I’m now hopeful that at some point my energy will return and the fatigue will go away. But that could be RA and not weight….what a battle, huh?
      Being a Grammie is already wonderful…….see you soon!!

  3. Congrats “grandmother” Leigh… I missed this post! I’m so happy for you. I want my 1st grandchild so bad! So grandmother is the best sounding word in the world and I hope one day 2 hear it. Bridgette. Again… Congrats!

    • THanks Bridgette. We went to dinner with he and his mom last night. Maybe I need to do a post about him. He’s 4 months old and just a love. Really. This coming from a woman who had no maternal instincts. I still have to work hard to find them, but he makes it easy. I’m Memere, by the way. That’s a nod to my french grandmother.

      • Well Memere… “I like that” and please provide us all a dedicated post about the little cutie pie. Bridgette. Happy Sunday… off 2 get Starbucks! Bridgette 🙂

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