A New, Promising Beginning

Several weeks ago after posting for the first time in a month, I did receive a response from a person I’ve known since middle school.  Her comments follow:

…..”please let’s talk…trainer for 18 years, 4 knee surgeries, skiing since I was 6 years old, competed in every sport I have been involved in. I “get it” …..I work with people everyday on a more positive nutrition plan. Too many programs are unrealistic, and will set you up for failure.  After losing a sister to an eating disorder, I respect where people are coming from. There is a lot to consider, but it is not difficult. You can do it. Let me help you. I have helped many succeed and reach their goal.”

You know the person that you want to hate because she’s so beautiful, in shape and put together.  But you can’t help but really LIKE her because she’s beautiful inside as well as outside. And she works hard at keeping fit – it’s her career as well.   Last time I saw her was years ago at the market and she looked fabulous.  We reconnected on Facebook last year and shortly after she sent me a message that said

“it has been soooo long since I have seen you, but I have to tell you that I so appreciate who you are. You are always so positive, and upbeat. You are making a positive impact on those who are friends with you on Facebook, and all those that come in contact with you everyday. I just wanted to share that with you, keep up the positive energy…..”

How can you dislike someone that says that to you? Someone that you’ve known for 40 years at least.

So it took us almost 2 weeks to connect but I got out of bed earlier than usual on a Friday and went to her fitness studio.  We talked for an hour and all she said made the most sense to me than anything I’ve ever heard regarding weight loss.  She told me how the body burns calories and how to blend carbs and protein correctly and how to eat smaller meals more frequently to stop the highs and lows and to keep my metabolism up.

I’m going to weigh in with her once a week and increase my cardio myself for a little bit, then I will start doing some workouts at her studio.  She has a myriad of classes that combine cardio and resistance into 60 minutes.  She’s got knee issues and joint issues and understands what I deal with having RA.  We went thru medications, eating habits as well as the all important “what’s in my head.”

This is a very postive, sensible step for me – it all made sense and she has done this for 20 years and is in the greatest shape.

In addition to the change for me, I did have a conversation with Mr. Phat when I got home last night.  He’s my heart and soul and my guiding light, but I told him that he’s my nemesis when it comes to my weight and we were going to have to change my eating habits and I need him to be committed to this as well.  I am pretty certain that he got it and understood how important this is to me.

I urge you to continue with me and watch what happens.  I’m very jazzed about this and am proud to say that I casually followed her eating suggestions yesterday and was down 2 pounds this morning.  I was UNDER 200 pounds.  Hot Damn!!!


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