No excuses

Cannon Mountain Morning

Two weeks since I’ve posted.  I’ve no real excuse for not posting.  Simply I just have not been motivated.  I hurt my back two weeks ago painting and was in some severe pain for a week and then once I felt better I went back to touch up the paint job and felt the back pain again.  I’m finally feeling human again.  So it means that I didn’t go to the gym for two weeks, although I did walk most week nights, and yes, I skied last weekend and this weekend.

I admit to feeling like a loser at losing weight – particularly when I read many of my fellow bloggers posts about their preparations for mini marathons, 5k’s and bike races.  I cannot do any strenous exercises for any length of time.  I cannot run.  My joints can’t take the pounding and my knees are shot.

I have been bouncing up and down with the same 2.5 pounds for about a month and I’m frustrated, but I guess I’m not willing to give up some weekend wine, and a nice dinner here or there.  I’m watchful during the week with every calorie, but I ease up on the weekends.  I guess that easing up probably undoes all the good that I do during the week.

But you know what?  Right now I find myself in a place where I’m incredibly happy – despite weighing 200 pounds.  I’m smiling all the time, I’m very happy, life is good my friends.  I’m healthy, I have a good job, a great man that I share my life with, incredible friends, a dog that always puts a smile on my face.  I’m leaving on a great trip in 2 weeks with 22 other people who know how to eek the best out of life and I’m excited about becoming a grandmother when I come back.

All in all, for right now, I’m going with it!!


6 thoughts on “No excuses

  1. I totally agree; we can’t keep making excuses for why we never get to where we want to be. If we keep that negative outlook, we won’t ever get anywhere. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

    • Thanks so much for your honest response. I don’t like negativity in others or myself. And maybe I’m where I want to be!! I was unhappy for many years – there always seemed to be something missing. I don’t feel that way any more.

  2. Leigh, LOVEthis post!!! I think it rings true for many people. And, you have one of the happiest
    faces that Ive ever seen!!!

    • It’s not, is it? Too bad we can’t get our heads together when our bodies are more willing, but perhaps there’s a reason for that. Something about 50 means we can go out to dinner and we don’t have to wear make up and I love that.

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