This is a blog about an overweight, 50 year old woman with RA.  Who thinks she’s still 25 and can do anything!  Paint the nursery?  Sure I’ll help.

 When my stepdaughter found a photo online of some built-ins that were rehabbed, she had a eureka moment and asked about a “painting party.”  I’m not too good on the maternal side, so I jumped at the opportunity to help make this come to life.  Painting and home improvement projects are things I am good at and love doing.

So we took the weekend off from skiing so that we could assist with the project and not have to rush home from NH to see the Superbowl.  We probably did 6 hours on Saturday and I did another 4 hours on Sunday and it looks magnificent as evidenced by this photo:

What a great look – it made the small bedroom seem so much bigger and certainly made it look more modern and it will be functional.  When we get the new knobs on and some of the cupboard doors on it will function nicely with the baby from nursery to youth.

However, my body doesn’t feel so youthful today.  I’ve slept with a heating pad for 2 nights and have been hitting the hot tub and the pain pills.  Just took a muscle relaxer hoping that will help the spasms.

I certainly feel like the grandmother to be that I am today!!! Old and sore!! I ache everywhere.

Probably not as much as the Patriots.  I believe they were outmatched.  While I hoped they would win, in my heart I didn’t expect they’d win.  Sigh.  Wait ’til next year.


One thought on “Makeover

  1. Looks great! Feel better soon. I know what you mean about feeling like grandma. I have felt like that for days and guess what! There’s a cold front coming through. My joints knew this before the weather guy. 🙂

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