Super Weekend!!!

Yes, all the hype, the sports talk, the trash talk that’s gone on this week.  Sunday is the day of atonement.  I so hope that the Patriots come through this year.  I’ve read so many articles on Myra Kraft, the owners wife, who passed away last summer after a long battle with cancer.  It appears that she was a guiding light to the team, an inspiration and treated them all as family.  Perhaps through some divine intervention, Myra is pulling strings in heaven for the Patriots.

Speaking of atonement – today was my day of atonement.  I had to step on the scale this morning.  Before I give you the result, I will tell you that I was very good this past weekend, ate within my points, skied on the weekend, and did the gym this week 2 days.  On Wednesday morning I did my usual mid week scale check and LOVED the result.  I was down 1.2 pounds from last Friday and could have been on my way to my first under 200 pound weigh in since starting this venture.

Well that was Wednesday morning.  Wednesday night was dinner with the family at P F Changs to celebrate my mother in laws 89th birthday.  What a milestone.  I did have 2 vodka drinks (coconut vodka with coconut water and lemon and OH SO GOOD!), followed by some appetizers.  I had a mongolian spare rib, lettuce wrap and a spring roll.  Probably that was my points allotment for the night there.  But no, I had to then have some rice, the beef dish plus the szechuan shrimp dish.  I figured that good eating on Thursday, with a lot of water and a great workout would flush out my system. I mean, one meal ruin everything I’d done for the week?

No such luck.  I ate well yesterday, worked out like a fiend, and I was 2.4 pounds up from Wednesday morning. Sigh.  Salt and water I’m sure.  Probably there is nothing worse than chinese food for water weight.

Ah well.  A new week begins.  I’m now concentrating on the Superbowl.

Go Pats!!!!


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