Is There Protein in Peanut M&M’s?

Valentine Peanut MM's

Today was one of those days when I was totally hungry all day.  I spent much of the day on the road with my job and those can be the toughest days for me.  This one started bad and that carried thru lunch.  I usually eat yogurt or oatmeal at the office but since my day started with meetings, I toasted an english muffin for breakfast at home, and took 2 fruits with me and a yogurt with walnuts for lunch.  I ate the fruit, but was starving at lunch and really didn’t want the yogurt.  I don’t love yogurt, but will eat it for breakfast but I have to stop trying to convince myself that I will eat it for lunch.  I just couldn’t do it.

Went to Dunkin’ Donuts. My home away from home.  Got my black ice coffee and a sesame seed bagel, which I ate in the car on the ride back to the office.  Plain. Untoasted and no cream cheese.  It did the trick for a bit, but when I got back to the office I was jonesing for more food because I was hungry. Sure. Not a spec of protein all day.

I had some pretzels and water and then went to the gym and worked out hard.  Dinner was chicken and veggie stir fry with brown rice that Mr. Phat cooked and it was delicious.  Healthy and filling too!

Amazingly I stayed within my WW points today.  So far.  Mr. Phat just brought out the bowl of “valentines peanut M&M’s.”  Thanks Love.


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