How’s the diet going?

I didn’t get an update posted last week, so I am remiss.  Last week was actually a bit discouraging.  I tracked every little thing I put into my mouth for the week, I skied 2 days, went to the gym 2 days and did a very long walk one of the days.  Monday and Friday I didn’t get an exercise in.  I usually don’t in the winter. My clothing is feeling a bit better, looser and I’m feeling tighter.  The scale?  It was not my friend.  I lost 2 oz.  2 lousy friggin’ ounces last week.  How discouraging. I was pissed.  But I told myself that going to the gym is going to add a little bulk and this is a lifelong change and I cannot judge my results by one week and one week only.

Then this week came. I skied the weekend and did housework on Monday.  Tuesday I planned to go to the gym, but had a late afternoon appointment and just before that I started feeling real punk with a horrible sore throat.  So I came home and took the dog on a long walk.  Wednesday, the evil Rheumatoid Arthritis struck and I couldn’t get out of bed.  This is the uncertainty that comes with RA.  I find that I have those days that I cannot get out of bed.  So I don’t.  I rest for the day and then I’m fine the next day.  I hopped out of bed today and had a normal day, although a bit fatigued.  I took the dog for a walk when I got home.

This week I have to admit to not tracking one bite of food.  I didn’t feel well so I don’t think I overate, but I did eat a little comfort food in the form of a chicken casserole that Mr. Phat made.  It was delicious and just the ticket when I was home sick.

I’m giving this week a pass.  I will weigh myself tomorrow.  I promise myself not to groan, or be too hard on myself.  This is my new lifestyle and I’ve got to go with the flow some weeks and then learn to get back on track.


2 thoughts on “How’s the diet going?

  1. I gave myself a pass for this week and the last month! 😀 Hang in there … we are not dying … I know we aren’t. We can’t be; we are typing. 😉

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