relax. recharge. refresh

I wanted to give a plug to my massage therapist.  LIsa at Soulistic Arts works wonders with her hands.  She is committed to holistic therapy and treats all parts – our minds, our bodies and our spirits.  For an active person with RA, massage therapy is critical because it helps to soothe aching muscles and moves the fluids through our joints.  I cannot believe how good I feel the morning after a deep massage from Lisa.  Prior to my massage we spent 20 minutes talking about life and how I was feeling. She has researched some information for me on a topic we had discussed and had a copy of an article for me.  She also brought me The Peddler which I’m going to use at the office.  There is a link to an article about this tool here:

I have restless legs which ache much of the day, and recently have had some strong pain in the bottom of the foot.  I’m hoping The Peddler will help alleviate some of these issues.

If you’re in the Rhode Island area and are looking for a great massage, I highly recommend LIsa – she is committed to healing and health and will give you a lot of insight into your body.


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