Hump Day

hump day

Wednesday, aka Hump Day. A good day.  I drove to Massachusetts with a coworker to see a manufacturing client.  The coworker confessed to being on a diet and so she and her dieting husband have stopped living.  They don’t go out anymore and they don’t go to parties and she doesn’t think they’ll do anything for Superbowl either (they’re big sports fans like us).  She can’t go to a restaurant when dieting because she said she can’t order low calories meals when eating out.

Hmmm.  I can’t help but think that she’s setting herself up for long term failure because she’ll successfully lose her 20 pounds, but I suspect once she goes back to regular living the weight will come back.  I don’t think that an occasional cheat is a bad thing when dieting.  Which is why Weight Watchers gives you some weekly floating points.  I confess that all my extra points are used for wine and weekends.  I stay within my points Sunday thru Thursday and use the extras on Friday and Saturday.  Or Tuesday night if I go down and have a glass (or three) of wine with my cousin.  🙂

My attitude is that I’m learning a new eating lifestyle.  I’m making changes that will be permanent because I want to stop the gain/lose cycle.  I want to throw out the fat clothes once and for all.  I’m learning to lose weight but still try to enjoy myself, attend parties and cheat within reason occasionally.

So far this week I have stuck to all my goals – tracked my points and exercised.  Even tonite, I got home after a meeting and it was dark and very cold out.  I had a lot of RA achy-ness in my legs today for some reason.  Or maybe I was sore from my hard workout last night at the gym. Either way, the one thing I’ve learned about rheumatoid arthritis is to go for a walk when I hurt the most.  So I bundled up, grabbed the dog, a flashlight and trekked up the hill.

I feel better already.


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