Yes, I have a blogroll now!!! I have stated several times that I’m not very tech-savvy. Not only that, but I don’t like to read directions.  Especially when it comes to computer how to’s.  But I wasn’t feeling well tonite and I skipped my monthly Women and Wine Networking Dinner and while Mr. Phat is watching Planet of the Apes, I decided to spend time in the office putting up a blogroll.  I was determined to do it because there are some of you bloggers that I’ve been following for a while – well before I entertained a blog and then some of you I have discovered since starting my blog.  You all help me in many ways – make me laugh, give me some insight, make me feel not quite so alone and encourage me.

So feel free to hover over some of the links to the right of my cyber friends.  I feel as though I’ve known some of you forever and that we’re good pals.  Keep on doing what you’re doing.

On another note – I have felt good this week other than that RA malaise today, and I’ve been to the gym and ate On Plan and within my points so far.  When I got home today, I did what I try to do when I feel lousy – I went out for a walk with the dog.

It helped.  It really did.  Talk to you on Friday after my weekly weigh-in.


2 thoughts on “Blogroll!!!!

  1. I’ve been secretly reading your blog…not ever telling you. I’ve always enjoyed reading “you” and truly think you are an excellent writer. Not to mention the fact that you are so incredibly special to me and I love you!
    You are an incredible woman. Your strength and perserverance is remarkable. Don’t change a thing about you or your path.
    Keep writing..

    • How nice of you to say that. You don’t have to secretly read it – I’m glad you are. The more people that people read my blog, the more I really want to succeed. Love you back!!!

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