Tracking my Points!!

Health o meter HDM545DQN-37 Glass Weight  Tracking Scale

I have been true to my promise to myself of tracking my food this month.  But Friday and Saturday HURT!!!  WeightWatchers Points Plus 2012 gives me 27 points per day, and 49 “floating” points per week.  I used 32 of those floating points up on Friday and Saturday.  UGH!!  I made an inadvertent, poor choice for lunch on Friday while out in the car for work so lunch was 17 points when I checked later.  Who would have thought that a multi grain bagel with chicken salad would be 17 points?  I will now check BEFORE I decide what to eat.  Also, I was starving and typically I have fruit with me, but I forgot.  Big mistakes.

We had planned on eating dinner out that night on our drive to New Hampshire and we did, but the good part was that I was so disgusted about lunch that at dinner I ordered the 10 oz prime rib, cut it in half and saved half my dinner for lunch on Saturday after skiing.  We also had a birthday dinner for Mom on Saturday which included wine and pasta and cake.  I didn’t deprive myself, but I FORCED myself to log all the food/booze in my tracker.  It was UGLY!!!

So I recall reading an article in the fall about habits of those who lost weight and kept it off and one was that they ate the same foods basically 7 days a week.  For me, I’m on a diet from Sunday – Thursday and then Friday and Saturday I “loosen” it up for a bit.  I’m still keeping within my points and my Friday weight in was 202.4, which was about .8 over my low market in early December.  I should be down to my low mark this week if I keep within my points until Friday.  However, tonite is dinner out, tomorrow is a work function at a college basketball game and Wednesday night is my monthly women’s wine dinner.  I did get a large number of activity points over the weekend for skiing and walking and I will get to the gym tomorrow and Thursday……and then Friday will come and I’ll be a weekend warrior again!!!  Shoveling down the food and the drinks because, umm umm, what the heck, it’s the WEEKEND.  I’m not sure that all the exercise really balances the weekend eating.  Ask me Friday, which is weigh in day.


3 thoughts on “Tracking my Points!!

  1. I definitely eat the same things over and over. Mainly because it is easy and cheaper. Making things easier was more important to me than variety although I am sure most people would prefer variety over making things easier to clean up.

    Keep logging away and good luck!

  2. Hi!
    I also follow WW and have some shocking days and good days. As long as you keep your goal in mind and keep getting back on the horse, you’ll do great!
    Good Luck and happy logging! 😉

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