New name, same blog.

That’s Abbie.  The Jack Russell dog that rules the house.  Amazing how 16 pounds can be in charge!!  I thought I’d start with her because I don’t believe I’ve posted her photo on my blog yet and she’s a very important part of my life.  I met her just over 5 years ago and we bonded over our walks in the woods in the spring of 2007 while I was healing from a ski accident.  She’s energetic but also extremely affectionate and loves to cuddle.

I’ve amended the name of the blog slightly.  I added with RA because I wanted to help promote more awareness of the invisible chronic disease that I have.  RA doesn’t consume my life but it does impact it.  Rheumatoid Arthritis can limit my mobility slightly, and it definitely adds to my fatigue.  But overall I believe that I manage it all without much interruption.  I do read many blogs written by people struggling with chronic illnesses and adding RA to my blog name helps me to be able to identify with them and to let them know that I’m not just phat and 50.  No, I also struggle with chronic illness.

I’ve also been working hard at my blog and now just need to add links to some of my favorite blogs.  Because I want to share with all of you whether the grumpy fat man makes it to ketosis, and how the fat angry woman is doing, but I also want to include my favorite RA blogs because we all have An attitude of gratitude, and are Rheumatoid Arthritis Warriors.

Now if I were really techno savvy, I would have linked you, but I will soon.   Have a great night and keep it real.


3 thoughts on “New name, same blog.

  1. Hi Lady… great post and such a cute doggie. The RA will add valuable info we all need heading into our 50s and beyond. NOTE: I’ll be back to blogging very soon. Your online friend Bridgette

  2. ANOTHER NOTE… I know you miss all my graphics and I can’t wait to see all your 2012 blog changes as well. 🙂 🙂 Bridgette

  3. I was about to send a search party out for the FatGirlUSA!!! Honest. I’ve been thinking about you alot and know you had some things on your plate. No, no let’s use a different idiom – you had some life issues getting in the way. I’m glad you’re still lurking, but really – get back here soon. I miss you and your graphics and your stories and your support. Leigh

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