New Years Eve Eve

Naturally the end of the year brings with it some assessment of the past year and some hope for the upcoming year.  This is one of the first years in a long time where I didn’t feel  happy to have the year end.  The past decade had many years where I couldn’t wait to end the year and start anew.  2011 was pretty OK in my book.  I think it was a time of acceptance regarding work and business.  And a bit more success than the past few years and 2012 will be even better.  My personal life is solid and in a great place.  Better than it’s probably been in my entire adult life. Maybe turning 50 isn’t a bad thing?  Health was also better than previous years.  I seem to have a good routine with my medications for RA and have a good awareness when I’m out of balance.  Weight?  Well, it’s probably the only area that I can whine about.    But 2011 was good because I decided to tackle it head on and got a head start on what 2012 will be like.  After this weekend, it’s back to tracking everything I eat, the gym twice a week, cardio at home 1 – 2 times per week and skiing 2 times a week.  I’m going to be a bit stricter on myself than I’ve been since starting this blog with some faster results.  J at 52 weeks, 52 pounds posted a great read on applying the Kaizen business process to weight loss.  Basically the concept focuses on continued improvement. He mentions that while most of his weight loss occurred in the past 6 months, his success was in part due to the groundwork he laid in the previous 18 months.   I like the concept of kaizen and it’s 5 primary elements:

  • Teamwork
  • Personal discipline
  • Improved morale
  • Quality circles
  • Suggestions for improvement
I think of all of my readers as part of my team.  I’m responsible for personal discipline; when everyone comments that helps morale and thru and other places, I’ve developed a quality circle of blogging friends.   Lastly, suggestions are always welcome and encouraged.
So, c’mon 2012.  Welcome.  The Year of the Dragon in China.  My research says that the Dragon is a creature of myth and legend.  In ancient China, the celestial Dragon represents an emperor and  power. Today, it  is the ultimate auspicious symbol signifying success and happiness.   May the celestial Dragon bring great good luck to everyone.
May 2012 be one of success and happiness for all of us.

2 thoughts on “New Years Eve Eve

    • In winter, I do 2 things. Work and ski. That’s it. M – F I work, and Sat/Sun I ski. I admit that I’m selfish about it, but that’s who I am. Happy New Year to you and the ever growing family!!

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