All is Calm

Finally a quiet moment to sit and write.  I had a full week at work, did some baking, had several celebratory evening meals and still have gifts to wrap.  I find the holidays tiring because my job is busy with many commercial insurance client renewals, plus social commitments and I always want to bake, see friends and stroll through the village to take in the spirit of the season.

Mr. Phat works in real estate, which is traditionally slow around this time, which helps me out because he can take up some of the slack and he’s in charge of the food for Christmas time.  He picked up his 88 year old mother this week and they’ve been cooking for 2 days – meatballs, eggplant, snail salad.  The Italians call it La Vigilia – or Christmas Eve where they celebrate the Feast of the Seven Fishes.  The seven fishes represents the seven sacraments, although I just read a paragraph by Mario Batali and he said some Italians do 10 fishes for the stations of the cross while others serve 13 fishes, representing the 12 apostles and Jesus.  We’ll also have shrimp, scallops, and stuffed quahogs (a local shellfish) as well.

So we will have plenty of fish tomorrow, some football, family and relaxation.  I’m looking forward to it.  I wish all of my friends in the blogosphere some peace and quiet this holiday season and I’m so excited to continue my weight loss journey with renewed vigor starting next week!!!


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