Keeping it Real

OK, I think I stole this expression from one of my other phat bloggers, but isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?   I’m going to try to just keep it real for the next 2 weeks and not stress too much with the eating and not be a glutton either.

It was a very social week.  I  exercised Monday and did the gym on Tuesday.  Wednesday night was Women’s Wine Dinner – 4 mini courses with 4 half-ish glasses of wine.  Thursday night was Mr. Phat’s birthday and that always involves an event and fine dining somewhere.  His daughter is always part of the event.  Oh wait, maybe it’s their event and they allow me to join them. It’s been a long standing event for the two of them to make a big deal of his birthday.  We ate at Al Forno restaurant ( in Providence – a very successful place that’s got a little funk to it.  The owners are well known restauranteurs having perfected wood grille cooking before most others were doing it in this country.  Our meal was delicious, especially the Castagnaccio – Italian Chestnut Cake.  OK, the three of us split the piece of cake.

Last night Mr. Phat and I shared a whole pizza at the local pizza pub.  I was starving.  So my last three nights have not been Weight Watchers friendly.  I’m not going to stress about it right now. I want to try to keep it real, maintain and start again with gusto on my dieting after New Year’s Day.  My goal is to fit into my lime green Spyder ski jacket for our trip to Switzerland in March.  I’m thinking 15 pounds ought to do it.  20 if I want it to fit at the end of 10 days in Switzerland;)

Speaking of skiing, we did get over the the mountain this morning for 4 runs.  There are only 2 runs open at this point and so once ski school starts at 9:30am, you take your life in your hands.  We got out there at 8:30 and came in by 9:45, feeling muscles we’ve not felt since April!!!  Hopefully we can do the same thing tomorrow morning and then drive south and be in front of the TV for Patriots vs. Broncos.

Keeping it real during the holiday season!!



2 thoughts on “Keeping it Real

    • Andie- we are staying in Wengen and will be skiing around the Grindelwald region for 10 days. Can’t wait and yes, thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope to look fabulous.


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