Holiday Accord

I recall 5 years ago walking into Mr. Phat’s decorated home and when I went into the bathroom I spotted these holiday towels:

Cupid, Rudolph and Vixen, all lined up on the towel rack.  What he didn’t know was at my house I had the following lined up on my towel rack in my bathroom:



There were other similar items in our Christmas decoration collections and we now display and use them together. Our towels sit on the racks together and the glass Christmas trees adorn the tables and we use the Fitz & Floyd holiday plates when we entertain.

Kismet? Synchronicity? Coincidence? Divine spirit? Mr. Phat thinks that his angel who looks down on him was sending signals that I was the right one for him. I think so too.


12 thoughts on “Holiday Accord

  1. Cathy, you can understand what happens when you lose a love one and how they seem to still speak to you. How there is some intervention of some sort in your life that wasn’t there before!!!

    Have a great day.

    • Shonnie – you gotta inject a little fun in your life and the blog. There’s only so much I can say about weight loss – particularly this time of year. And yes, we are truly blessed.

    • Thank you Leigh… I miss you too! My mom was just diagnosed with throat cancer – stage 3 (lifetime smoker) so I’m taking her to the doctor and more doctors… preparing her for chemo and radiation starting next week. I was doing so well with my diet prior to this awful news… but right now I have to get her through this the best way I can “being the oldest daughter.” Happy Holidays. Bridgette. NOTE: I have 3 sisters and none of us have ever smoked!

      • Oh $hit Bridgette…I’m so sorry. Crap. Look, this doesn’t need to push you back into eating the crappy foods. You can still moderate and make better choices. I’m sorry – you were psyched for Christmas. Man, I hope that Jay Z has a nice gift for you under the tree. Hang in there – sending you some good vibes.

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