My Achilles Heel

That’s it.  My achilles heel of food.  The soft spot.  What I cannot and have never been able to resist.  Which makes it hard now that I live with a full blooded italian man who grew up eating pasta every Sunday and probably a couple of nights in between.  He loves pasta in any form, but especially with red sauce (ok, gravy) and he makes a great gravy.

I can never eat just one plate.  I always like a little more.  Always.  Weight watchers or not. I can resist many things, including donuts, candy, cookies but I cannot resist pasta.

Fortunately, Mr. Phat doesn’t cook it quite as often as I know he would like and when he made it today, it was with wheat pasta.  It’s a new taste for him and I think it’s growing on him.  Also fortunately, I had salad for lunch, yogurt for breakfast, and I did zumba after work.  So yes, I had a bowl and then I had some more!!



4 thoughts on “My Achilles Heel

  1. Girl … get that skettie off the books! hahaha! I LOVE pasta and of course Cheesey BREAD! hahahaha! Glad no one is making it here right now. I wouldn’t do good with that. I would be so mean it would not be funny. I like to have died at the yummy food at the party today. That I had none of!

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