Renewed energy

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Yes, I feel a renewed sense of energy lately.  I’m hoping that my white blood count has risen when I get a blood test later this week, and I think that just taking it easy this holiday weekend was also good for my health.  My parents came on Friday and Mom and I went walking in the woods one afternoon and then Mr. Phat and I did a longer walk Sunday afternoon and that was when I actually realized that I’m feeling better than I have in awhile.

So I have given renewed energy to my dieting as well.  Its’ pretty pathetic that I’ve barely lost 10 pounds since August and I want to do this slow, but that’s ridiculous.  It’s a big fat rationalization and I’m done with them.   I was feeling punk from mid October to end of November and so I didn’t exercise very much.  That’s the real difference for me when I want to get in shape – eating right is good, but I eat pretty well normally.  It’s the working out, lifting weights and building the muscle that burns the fat and calories.

I gained three pounds over Thanksgiving, but have lost 2.6 of them already and I’m going to get myself under 200 pounds in the next 10 days, which means 3 pounds I have to lose.  That’s not much to demand of myself I don’t think.  I’ve watched my fellow bloggers do better than that, so that’s my goal.  And tracking every single morsel in  I haven’t been so good with that.  We all know the steps we need to take to get back on that horse, don’t we?  Sometimes you need a kick in the butt and I gave myself a whoopin’ today.

My other goal is that I am going to weigh myself every morning thru the rest of the holiday season.  That seems to help keep me on track if I see that large freaking number on the scale every morning.  It has worked since Thursday, that’s for sure.  I had lunch out both days and I wasn’t tempted with anything but a garden salad with grilled chicken and dressing on the side.

And Mr. Phat made minestrone soup for dinner.  I love soup for dinner.  It fills me up with limited calories which will give me a good weigh in tomorrow.

Hope you all can find some renewed energy along with me!!!


5 thoughts on “Renewed energy

  1. You will do it Leigh… under 200 lbs sounds good to me! WHAT IS YOUR GOAL FOR YOUR WEIGHT? I’m coming for you lady in 2012. @ my height 200 to 220 Lbs is good for me. I don’t know what the so called ideal weight for 5′ 11″ height is and I don’t care. I’m comfortable at that weight and I can maintain it. After this post I’m getting coffee and getting on the infamous recumbent bike and some more work on my scarf. I love my new hobby it’s calming. When I get back in the 200’s I’m doing the Zumba tapes I purchased a while back. Bridgette

    • Bridg – so you crochet while you ride!?! What a fabulous idea. Ok, I’m going to have to get my arse to Michaels and get a pattern and start on the friggin’ sweater for the grandson (read my next post).

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