Happy Thanksgiving!!!

First of all, my apologies for not posting in so long.  I don’t have a good reason other than having been sick and then taking a little while to get back in action.  I did lose .6 of a pound last week, which considering having been sick and not exercising, was OK.

So the big day is upon us.  One of my favorite holidays always because it doesn’t involve picking the perfect gifts, overspending, overindulging and goodwill toward men for the holidays.  I’ve never understood why we couldn’t have the holiday spirit year round.  Thanksgiving is about being with friends and relatives and enjoying.  And usually for me it means the start of ski season, but that will have to wait another week. We are headed to Mr. Phat’s family tomorrow for dinner and then my parents arrive Friday for the weekend.  The weather is supposed to be warm and we will do some walking, maybe shop in a nearby fishing village and just relax.  My primary focus since being sick this fall is not overdoing.  And I’m planning on not overdoing with my eating tomorrow either.  Deep breaths and slow eating will be my motto.

I made 2 recipes from www.skinnytaste.com/ for dessert, including the pumpkin cupcakes that were good for a Halloween party, and a pumpkin oatmeal pecan cookie that’s delicious.  As my step daughter said earlier when we split one to taste “that would be great crumbled over vanilla ice cream.”  No kidding.

I’m a huge sports fan and there are 3 pretty good football games on tomorrow.  OK, great games, from Packers at Detroit all the way to the night time Harbaugh Bowl.  So I will spend time watching sports and getting outside for a walk.  Anything to get me away from the Italian table.  The hostess has decided to skip the soup but all the other fixings will be there – turkey, stuffing, potatoes, squash, pasta, bread, casseroles.  My stomach is hurting just thinking about it.

I will weigh in tomorrow morning before we go and hopefully I have at least stayed the same – but again my exercise this week has consisted of stacking wood and several walks.  Next week – back to the gym.  I know I’ve said it again, but I’ve got to do it if I want to ski for 9 strait days in March!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my dieting bloggers out there.  I wish you all a successful day tomorrow – try everything, enjoy and moderate.

See you on the other side.


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  1. Hope you are enjoying your thanksgiving. You are right, we should spend time with our family and friends year round. But it is nice to have a litlte reminder 🙂

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