Get Smart about AntiBiotics Week

  Well at least I’m trendy.  The Center for Disease Control has named this week Getting Smart about Antibiotics.  Who knew they had one of these, but thankfully a fellow blogger Lisa Emrich at HealthCentral enlightened me in her article. is the link.

I’ve always been adverse to abuse of antibiotics because my wild imagination fears that the end of the world comes as a result of biological warfare and we have nothing left to protect us from germs and microbes because we’ve abused antibiotics over the years.  I’ve always preached the importance of finishing your meds and not sharing anti biotics.  I also was adverse to taking them, but no matter how I try to avoid them, I always end up taking them when I get sick.  Everything ends up either in my lungs or my sinuses and the infection can’t clear itself up.  As you may recall from my recent post, I was struggling with low white blood cell count prior to getting sick, so it was destiny that I ended up like this.

I visited my doctor on Friday and he was very happy that I hadn’t waited until it was almost pneumonia as I did earlier this year.  He’s put me on cipro for 10 days and I certainly feel better than I would have if I hadn’t seen the doctor.  I did rest much of the weekend although we did go out for dinner on Saturday night and then I did have a casual business meeting on Sunday during the day which was worthwhile as I walked away with a new customer.  I did spend the day in the office today until 2pm, had my annual review this morning and got another successful report from my “supervisor.”  We both laughed because I’ve been at my job 24 years and he’s been there 13 and I taught him everything he knows and now he’s my supervisor.  He admitted it’s hard to review me as I have such longevity with my clients and am a success story in my own right.  I feel blessed to have that kind of relationship with my employer and to be able to come home as I did today at 2 and crawl into bed and sleep like a log until 5.  I’ve actually been working since then – one the phone and email a client that’s very nervous about a claim they had this weekend where they spilled some fuel oil.

My job can be all encompassing and without timelines.  It’s a give and take and I’m happy that I have the flexibility that I do to come and go as I please.  Not all people with RA or other chronic illnesses have such luxury.

Needless to say, dieting hasn’t been my primary focus.  It could be said that I’ve been “feeding my cold.”  I certainly haven’t been exercising.  No, actually I was vacuuming on Saturday and tripped on the central vacuum hose and took a hard fall on my bad knee.  So in between anti biotics, I’ve been icing my knee.

As Roseanne Roseanna danna said “It’s always something!”


10 thoughts on “Get Smart about AntiBiotics Week

  1. Man, I thought I posted on this ages ago! I read this on my phone–guess my comment didn’t come through. I am so glad that you got to the Doc in good time. I know how stinky it is to have constant problems, but we live on anyway don’t we. Keep us posted on how you are doing. Hope by now you are feeling better. 😀

    • Shonnie – thanks for your comments and your optimism. I can always count on you for that. I’ve stopped responding on the phone because it seems tp not post. But I read your post yesterday and love the photos of you. You look great and you are my inspiration. I think I might break out in song!!

  2. Hi lady… I could have used some Cipro this week! Congrats for being on the job for 24 years. I can’t even imagine that type of longevity in the workplace anymore. With RA… It is difficult to function on a day-to-day basis with stiffness/pain but we keep going! As for your image of Gilda Radner… I loved her comedic genius.

    • I know how fortunate I am to work where I do. Its a give and take. I’ve always stepped up when they need me to and so they’re good back at me. Hang in there Bridgette – feel better. Holidays are coming and its not all about food. Its about enjoying life, friends and family.

    • Bridgette – sorry I’ve been awol!!! Just been one of those weeks, I guess. You know how it goes. I hope you’re doing fine and are looking forward to the holiday and are going to reel yourself in and not over over do!!! Taste a little of everything and make sure you move around a bit and have some fun!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Leigh

    • I know – how bad am I. I’ve just not had the chance or the subject to post. I’m good!! Finally feeling good and happy and looking forward to the holiday. I promise I’m going to moderate tomorrow. I promise, promise, promise!!! Have a great day and congrats on your terrific work – you look great and you sounds great!!! You deserve this!!

    • I’m sorry that I’ve been so lame about posting. I know I’ve been remiss and will plan on restarting it over the next month because now I’m phat52chick. I’m glad it was helpful. I wish you good health going forward. Please feel free to message me if you need someone to chat with!! I’m very upbeat and positive about all my health crap!!

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