Ahh Chooo!!!!

That didn’t take long.  I learned 2 weeks ago that I had low white blood cells and now I’m sick. I hate being sick.  Especially when it’s the start of a long weekend and our plans were to go see Tower of Power tonite, then drive to New Hampshire tomorrow for a weekend visit with my parents.  Instead, I’m home on the couch with my computer, feeling sorry for myself. Mr. Phat called a friend at the last minute and went to TOP without me.  I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow morning because with my low white blood count I need to medicate early.  Last time I got sick, I waited far too long before going to see my doctor and he asked “why didn’t you wait another day or so until it was pneumonia.”

I started feeling punk on Tuesday night.  Probably several hours after my last post on Integrity.  So my diet integrity has been less than stellar since I haven’t felt well.  But I will step on the scale tomorrow for my Friday morning weigh in and report back to you all.  In the meantime, I’m cuddled on the couch with the dog, my computer and my box of tissues.  Tonite would be my weekly dose of Enbrel, but because that could be one of the culprits that is causing the low white blood cell count, I will skip the dose.  I think I’ll have a popsicle instead.

Happy Veterans Day blog friends.  Enjoy your weekend.


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