There have been some recent events which have merited much discussion about integrity between Mr. phat and me.  Naturally we’ve discussed it in relationship to what’s happening at Penn State.  We have close friends who’s son is a freshman at PSU and also in the marching band.  He’s hurting quite a bit as a result of the bad publicity and I imagine this is a lot for his young mind to calculate.  In such a short time he’s become so passionate about the college and his place in the band and we’ve enjoyed participating from afar.  He will survive and the College will survive.  It’s a tough way for youngsters to learn lessons in breaches of integrity, but nonetheless you’re never too young to understand this concept of integrity.

This afternoon I learned about the lack of integrity of a former mentor, colleague and man that I held to be like a brother.  I’m hurt with his behavior in the name of charity and his breach of integrity makes me question his entire character.  Somehow I feel that I’m sharing a similar pain to what the young man at Penn State is experiencing.

After discussing this on and off for the past 2 days with Mr. Phat, I needed to write about integrity.  I believe that it’s probably one of the more endearing qualities that a person can have.  Some of the people that I hold in the highest regard are those with solid integrity.  I did some googling and found an interesting link about The Wheel of Integrity:  The author says that integrity is the intersection of five qualities:  Love, Reality, Experience, Honesty, and Wholeness…. these qualities are not something that can be measured or simply taught like civil laws or a fixed code of ethics. They are reflective, like feelings and attitudes, and operate as inner guidelines to what you think is important as you walk the path of your life.

We all have different ideas of what is important in our lives and I’m not a preacher, or a great orator, or even a prophetic writer for that matter.  But I have to admit that these past couple of days have certainly given me chance to contemplate integrity.

When I was formulating my thoughts about my next blog post yesterday I intended on talking about how I felt I’d been less than honest with myself about my dieting over the past month.  Saying you’re on a diet doesn’t automatically mean you will lose weight.  You have to take the proper steps consistently to lose weight.  We all know what those steps entail.  And while we may miss a few steps here and there, the idea is to get back on the right path after we misstep.  So my post was going to start with the confession that I had “back pedaled” but found myself back to within one pound of my lowest weight since starting this diet on my Friday weigh in.   Since that time, I have approached my path to better health with much more integrity.  Recommitted would be the way to describe how I’ve been feeling.  So it’s not coincidence that I’ve spent the last couple of days questioning other’s integrity.  I’ve also pointed the finger right back at myself and said those in a glass house, shouldn’t throw stones.

Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.  ~Albert Einstein


2 thoughts on “Integrity

  1. These are truly words to live by… I have been watching this all unfold on the news and it’s so sad. Who are our children safe with? Bridgette

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