Oh, Right. This is a diet blog

Sometimes I forget that this is a diet blog. Although I prefer to call it a health blog so that I can insert things about my health other than just weight and losing it. Because my weight has been pretty stable the past month and I’ve not lost more than 2 pounds. It’s my own fault. My activity is a bit less and I wasn’t always so good about tracking my points on the computer. Which I’ve started doing again and it really is a deterrant to snacking and large portions. I do eat less when I’m really tracking. The Man has been great with the menu recently – the last two nights he cooked low cal dinners that were delicious. Last night I even used the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers website and built a great dinner with veggies and whole wheat pasta.

Tonite is date night and we have dinner out and then are seeing Les Miserables and I’m very excited. Tomorrow evening I am meeting some women friends after work, but I will get a work in first at the gym and the place we’re meeting at has tapas and some nice salads. Hopefully the scale will show some downward progression this week finally!!


One thought on “Oh, Right. This is a diet blog

  1. I hope you enjoyed your musical and time spent with good friend… and your blog is whatever you want it to be -or- whatever you want to call it. Bridgette

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