That nasty word in the title means low white blood cell count.  I saw my rheumatologist yesterday afternoon and he indicated that my last blood tests showed a low white blood cell count.  He says that it can be caused by my medications – chemo drugs can do that and one of my medications is a low dose chemo type.  So I’ve been doing some research and see that symptoms of leukopenia include fatigue and fevers.  Perhaps they’re not all hot flashes that I’ve been having – maybe they really are fevers.  I know that I’ve not felt well recently, but have kept pushing onward.  Not always a good thing, I know but it’s part of my make up.

While it’s not good to have a low white blood cell count with cold and flu season upon us, I do feel a sense of smugness that I really do have a reason to not feel well!  It wasn’t really my imagination running wild.  Although I don’t usually exaggerate symptoms: when I say I don’t feel well, I really don’t feel well.  But lately it’s been even more of a feeling that I am tired of really pushing my way thru life and I need a break and I need to slow down.  I’ve been feeling lately that I can no longer work the required hours that my job needs and the demands have felt overwhelming of late.  At least I know now that that I’m not making this up and medically I have cause for feeling run down.

We are going to redo the blood test in a few weeks and see what that one shows.  In the meantime, I continue taking my vitamins and eating a healthy diet, and rest a bit.  Stay away from sick people and treat any cuts and scrapes with extra care.  I am in a good place as far as my medications for RA, so I don’t want to have to cease them at this time and come out of remission.  That wouldn’t be something I would be happy about.

Happy Saturday to my friends out there.  Enjoy your weekend.  We are forecast for some snow which could put a damper on our Breast Cancer walk tomorrow morning!!


2 thoughts on “Leukopenia

  1. Hi… I hope you had a good Halloween weekend. The rain in my area put a damper on trick or treating. I just read your post and the word “chemo drug” immediately caught my attention. I hope all is well and I’m sure you will share when you are ready. Wishing you health >>>. Bridgette

    • Bridgette – I live out in the woods. “Last house on the left.”. Been here for 11 Halloweens and never get trick or treaters. I game home early, we walked the princess, um I mean dog and had dinner.

      I take methotrexate for my RA. Once a week I inject it. Been on it for 10 years. It depletes fast growing (bad) cells. But also the good ones. Methotrexate is a chemo drug. I take a low dose but it can still wreak havoc on my body.

      Loved the dog in drag! Abbie does not like to wear clothes.

      Thanks for worrying about me, but I’ll fight this too.

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