This is what I’m baking right now – From where they have some wonderful recipes for meals and desserts.  I’ve really enjoyed this website because it’s real meals that are tried and tweaked. Plus she lists Weight Watchers Points + on each recipe.  These pumpkin spice cupcakes couldn’t have been any easier and when they’re frosted and decorated, they’ll be perfect for tomorrow nights Halloween Party.  I even bought some small halloween peeps to use for decoration.

Halloween and we’re supposed to have a little touch of snow overnight here in Southern New England.  In Northern New England they got some snow last night and the slopes at my home mountain, Cannon Mountain, were covered.  OK, here’s that photo:

More Snow at Cannon Mountain! 10-27-11

Must be fall with pumpkin cupcakes, halloween and snow on the mountain!!  I’ll let you know how the party goes and how the cupcakes are. I’m not telling anyone that they’re low calorie cupcakes.


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