If it fits, buy it!!!

Fellow dieters, raise your hands if you have purchased clothing because it fits.  You know the frustration of standing in the dressing room trying not to look at the bulge in your stomach or the size of your ass while surrounded by mirrors?  So you finally find something that fits and you think looks good (even worse when you think it hides the bulge in your stomach or your large ass) and you buy it.  Bring it home and put it in the closet and might wear it a couple times, put it away for the season and then voila! there it is again when you do the seasonal clothing swap.

I have SO many clothes.  In SO many sizes.  I go from medium to large to Xlarge, and 12, 14 and 16.  I’ve never been super thin – if you saw me in a 12 or 14, you’d say I look really good.  Right now I’m squeezed into the big 16s and if I were to lose another size I wouldn’t need to buy any slacks!!!  I have so many 14’s and small 16s that are new, unworn or slightly worn.  Classic slacks that would work for the office, jeans for weekends and dress pants.

I keep moving all the clothes in all the sizes up and down the stairs each season.  I think I’m going to fit into the smaller ones one of these years, so I don’t throw them out.  Plus I LIKE some of those clothes ALOT!!! Clothing is so much more fun when you’re thin and fit.  When you’re not trying to hide bulges.

This is why I have to continue my journey friends.  I need to stop this madness, I need to finally throw out the “larger” clothes and hope to never ever need them again.


5 thoughts on “If it fits, buy it!!!

  1. I’ve still got my 1990 skinny jeans ….. I’ve worn them once or twice in the past five years but …. I SO get what you are saying! Do I need to own all this stuff?

  2. Leigh – my motto is, it fits (and looks good), buy 2!!!

    I, too, had many closets with many sizes. This year I donated the big ones (some with tags still on). Never going back.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I took the leap and gave away all my clothes as I lost weight. I have no larger size clothes. If I gain my clothes will just get tighter, because I refuse to go back up the scales. It was a HUGE leap of Faith for me–they were my security blanket.

    I know you can do this girl! I know you can. 😀

    • I’m almost there. I promise. When I bring those spring/summer clothes up next time – many should be too big and they’ll get thrown out. But I have plenty of summer clothes in smaller sizes.

      Yes, I CAN do it. I CAN!!!

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