Takin’ it Easy

One last glimpse of summer

Isn’t that a great shot?  Doesn’t that just give you a feeling of a lazy, hazy summer day? What’s your color?  Personally, I’d take the kiwi one – that’s my color.  My man would take the orange.  He’s a masculine man that’s in touch with his feminine side and orange is his signature color.

I wanted one last summertime shot – it’s supposed to be in the 60’s here this weekend with sunshine before the cooler weather arrives next week.

Saturday we are having a breast cancer fund raiser.  The man and I do a breast cancer walk together in October each year.  This will be my 5th straight year and his 18th!!! His first year, 1993, he did with his wife but she passed of the disease prior to the next year’s walk.  He has continued walking in her honor, along with his daughter,  and is active in breast cancer events.  I’m so proud of him for doing this every year.  Last year we did a really big musical event and advertised all summer and fall for it and raised $6000.  This year, his band is playing a show on Saturday evening and we’re going to have some raffles, balloons and THINK PINK!!!  The band is a latin roots rock band with a couple of sexy latin front men and the crowd that comes to see them is primarily women so it should be a nice event and our goals are much lower than last year.

So in anticipation of the big weekend, and because of my promise to slow down, after my busy work day today, I came home, did 40 minutes of Zumba, vacuumed the whole house, had a salad and am watching baseball and trawling the web.   I had a small garden salad for lunch too and eggs with one slice of toast at a breakfast meeting.  I feel pretty good tonite and I should feel even better after my weekly dose of enbrel and a good night’s sleep.

Good night and rest up!!!


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