Hump Day!!!

No, I didn’t take the photo.  I stole it from Facebook where my boyfriend had posted it on my wall.  It’s lovely.  Serene.  2 chairs holding out for the last few warm sunshiny days. Lately, life has been anything but serene and that has gotten in the way of blogging.  And probably some of my exercise.  But I am proud of how I have managed to keep my food and alcohol binges in check.  We went away this past weekend to Vermont and I didn’t eat much on Friday, had an apple for breakfast on Saturday while watching Man V Food Nation and so when we went out for lunch, I did have a reuben sandwich.  I was craving one.  I skipped the french fries and cheated with a couple of my man’s fries.  I also had 2 pieces of pizza for dinner.  But for a weekend away with little food options, I was satisfied.  Before we left on Friday, I weighed in and had lost .4 of a pound.  I can’t complain with that after a long weekend in Chicago and then a few days of only a little activity.  The point is that the scale is slowly moving down. My clothes are feeling better, and I’ve got a few items that I can wear now that I couldn’t earlier this summer.  I don’t seem to want to snack any longer.  I used to be ravenous when I got home from work, but that seems to have subsided – I have some water and a piece of fruit if I am hungry.  During the day, I am eating much less, which helps me so much.  As a matter of example, I didn’t go to the office today as we had a family luncheon thingy to go to.  My brother in law owns a restaurant.  I had a wrap sandwich with a cucumber side.  And I was full when we finished. Like the “I’m tired and need a nap” full.  Prior to dieting, I would have still been hungry.

For the next 4 weeks, I have to ramp up the exercise and gym time to continue my prep for ski season and take a few more pounds off before we head into the holiday season where I will hope to maintain for the 5 week period.  Twice a week on the machine at the gym is a must, and at least 1 zumba class per week.  With the days getting shorter, I feel compelled to take the dog for a long walk after work as the time to do that will end at the end of this month.  It’s good for the both of us.

Here’s Abbie – it’s her birthday tomorrow.  She will be 7, or 49 in dog years – almost as old as her mother!!! She loves to walk and we’ve become great walking buddies starting four years ago when I had a bad ski accident and then started rehabbing myself with short walks.  Since then we’ve moved up to long walks and she actually does some hiking with my Dad.

Keep on trucking all!!!


3 thoughts on “Hump Day!!!

  1. What a cute doggie and that photo is beautiful from Facebook. I’ve got to start me a Facebook & Twitter account for my blog but sadly no time. I’m such a visual person and I love imagery. Great post. Bridgette

    • No kidding you’re visual!!! I’m envious of the great job you do with the graphics on your blog. I’m not really tech savvy so as you can see I might post a photo and then just put words in the blog. No links, no cute things, no blogroll in the margin (AARRGGHH).

      I’ve tried the FB page for the blog but don’t know what else to write other than posting a link to the blog. I’m with you on the time. I have a rare night at home tonite and I will do another post.

      • Thanks for the complement on the blog… BUT that is all going to cease and desist once I start working full-time at the beginning of the year. Working only part-time now allows me the luxury to play around with it. Only God knows how it will look working 9 to 5 and taking care of my little terror doggie who thinks he is human. 🙂 Bridgette

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