Two Months Down

I’m just about 2 months into the dieting and it’s been down right slow – that’s for sure.  But steady.  No, up and down, but steadily the downs outweight the ups and I’m down about 8 pounds. I’m not making excuses.  I’m changing my lifestyle and the changes are becoming permanent.  I eat less during the day.  I think when I order food out.  Most of the time.  In the past week I have learned that the Steak n Cheese pocket at D’Angelos is 14 points!!!  The multigrain bagel at Dunkin Donuts is 10 points without cream cheese.  Oh, and they gyro sandwich I had yesterday was 16 (!) points.  So I’m not perfect, but I’m moving in the right direction.  Slowly.  I exercise in some form at least 5 days per week, but usually every day – even if it’s just a walk with the dog.  But it’s been Zumba classes or DVD’s, the gym, or walking the bike path.

I’m still drinking alcohol, but I’m drinking less….well not this weekend – I had beer on Friday – but salsa danced all night, then had wine on Saturday night – about 4 glasses.  And 2 small glasses of wine last night at dinner.  Hey, it’s how I relax after a long and busy week. I don’t really drink during the week anymore and that’s a big change.  I used to have cocktails or wine most nights of the week.

My clothes fit a lot better than what 8 pounds would do.  I feel in my clothes that I’ve lost more than that, but I probably have built a little muscle from the gym and lost a little fat and am trimmer, but the weight hasn’t dropped like I expected.  But 8 pounds is like 8 I didn’t gain, so that makes it really like 16 pounds, right:)  And at this rate, which is a pound a week, that’s a total of 20 pounds by Christmas and 30 pounds by my March ski vacation.

So while it’s been slow, it’s been steady and I could do a lot better, but I could be doing a lot worse.  This is a lifestyle change.  It took me about 4 years to put this weight on, it will take a year to get it off.  Which is what I told myself when I started this at age 50 – I decided that it didn’t matter if I stayed on WW for a year.  I was going to lose 50 pounds by 51.  And I’m well on my way!!!


4 thoughts on “Two Months Down

  1. Hi lady… I’m just checking in on you after reading your post on my blog. Okay… did I miss something or am I just overmedicated with cold/flu stuff but when did you join Weight Watcher’s? Anyway, it seems you are on track to that 51st B’day goal and you are correct, it took years to put on the weight and it will take time to get it off. NOTE: I’ve got to get back on track. I’ve gained 4 pounds. WTF >>> Bridgette and I still have not attended my 1st TOPS meeting.

  2. B

    I joined WW on July 29. That’s what I’ve been trying to follow because I eat the right foods but I need help with portion control and eating too much of good things. Oh, yeah and then alcohol. Having a couple drinks at night was nothing to me and I did it. Feel better drinking less.

    Enough about me. Quit making excuses ajd not finding the time….get back to your blog, your bike and get to a TOPS meeting. Now!

  3. Hi there.. (Got this from Todd.)
    You LOOK FAB !!!!! Same smile, same enthusiasm.
    The pounds are easier to put ON AFTER 50, so you’re doing something right.
    Would love to chat with you about the RA tho; that’s a bad one.
    Keep on keeping on, Jordan M

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