On To Fall!!

Boston Red Sox

The crazy wild ride that was the Red Sox this season is over.  What to watch at 7pm? Several nights a week during the baseball season, The Man and I will plan dinner around the start of the ballgame.  We are both avid fans and I grew up in a baseball home.  Dad and I still call or email during or after games to gripe.  Dad tends to turn the games off when he gets disgusted and so The Man and I will bet on whether or not Pops turned off the game when they start losing.

Today’s sports talk was pretty depressing with the finger pointing and the grief.  I saw that we’re seeing more of what the Red Sox were all about for so many years – during my grandfather’s era and while I was a little girl.  The last 8 years we’ve had some downs but also some good ups.  Well, as my grandfather used to say – “Wait ’til Next year.”

Finally I feel as though I’m making some great strides with the health and dieting!!  First of all, The Man is very much into better eating as there is a family history of heart issues on his father’s side and while The Man is fine, there is room for improvement.  The cardiologist suggested something more like the Mediterranean Diet, which my Italian man has embraced.  I printed out some information for him on the diet and we are eating much healthier, snacking on fruit and exercising more.  I took a sneak peek on the scale this morning, one day ahead of weigh in day and I was down 2 pounds from last week.  I’ve been off alcohol and that seems to help alot (DUH).  Went to a wedding on Monday night (yes, Monday) and I had 1 glass of wine.  That’s the only thing I’ve had to drink since a 50th birthday party on Saturday.  I’ve been drinking lots of water and only eating fruit or nuts between meals and feeling pretty darn good!!!  I feel less hungry between meals and more satisfied after meals.

So with baseball over for me, it’s time for football and getting ready for ski season.  And as for the 7pm TV?  Tonite I put on Seinfeld.  Which is so often a story of my life.  I’ve seen them all many times and can still laugh my ass off at it!!

Have a great evening all.


2 thoughts on “On To Fall!!

  1. I’m such a Seinfeld fan and have also seen every show more times then I care to mention. I wish I knew how to ski but as much as I fall just being on my own two feet that would not be a good thing. :). Bridgette

    • B – Did you ever feel like you’re living in a Seinfeld episode? Happens to me all the time. I’ve seen them over and over and still love watching them at 11pm just before I fall asleep. Even if I’ve seen them a dozen times, they’re still funny to me. I don’t do that with other shows, but Seinfeld is classic!!! Just so you know, I’m clumsy. I’m a clumsy skier, but I love it. Took me forever to learn it and once I did, I became addicted. But when I fall – watch out!!!

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