Raining Cats and Dogs

Raining Cats and Dogs

Did it rain like cats and dogs here last night!!! Whew.  And I guess it’s going to be much the same this weekend.  My Man’s outdoor festival on the streets of Providence for tomorrow has already been cancelled.  Which means we’re free to watch sports and relax.

Oh yeah, this is about weight loss isn’t it?  I’ve been tracking my points and my activity and I’m proud of how well I’ve done.  Yesterday morning I stepped on the scale and was dejected.  Then I stepped on it again and was elated.  I repeated this process 5 times and got a different reading each time – wild fluctuations.  I think I need new batteries in my scale and will give a better report on my next post.

But the clothes fit a bit better. Put on pants for a golf outing on Thursday and didn’t have to squeeze myself into them.  You all know what I’m talking about here with the squeezing of the pants, the laying down on the bed and then heavens!!!!! What to do with the muffin top stomach that hanging out OVER the pants.  I think I’m hiding my fat with the loose, fluffy tops over the pants, but everyone knows what I’m hiding, don’t they?

Was tired yesterday when I came home from work. And achy.  I wasn’t going to exercise and felt guilty, so I put a Zumba DVD in and did 45 minutes.  I felt SO much better after.  I think I’ll do that again before my afternoon’s event.  Which isn’t going to be easy – I’m picking up my forever drinking/party buddy and headed to a friend’s 50th party.  I’m going to have to use every ounce of restraint to not eat and drink my way thru the day.

Wish me luck!!!


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