Moving Forward

Nantucket Sunset

I thought I’d share another Nantucket photo with you.  I’m feeling as though this is a new start to getting to my healthy self.  I was very proud of my eating and drinking this weekend.  I didn’t over indulge in anything and I went to the gym on Friday, walked both Saturday and Sunday and Saturday night burned some calories dancing to the latin roots rock band, Santa Mamba – I’ve attached a link – check out their sound and see if you can keep still.

Today I brought the days food to the office with me, including oatmeal for breakfast with a banana, apple and orange for snacks, yogurt with strawberries and walnuts for lunch.  I had to go out to photograph some dwellings for work and it took far longer than expected – past 1pm.  I typically eat close to noontime.  I was starving and I had brought my apple with me, but it tasted soft and mealy so I tossed it. I did get a black ice coffee to help fill me up.  I fought really hard with myself to not run in and get something “quick” from somewhere – I even stepped into Subway, but the line was so long, I turned around and got back in the car, finished my work and got back to the office and had my yogurt, fruit and walnuts and felt full.

That was big for me and I’m proud of that.  I got home and was hungry so I had a slice of WW swiss cheese and a slice of turkey – like most people, I need protein to feel full.  Then The Man and I went to Zumba class down the road.  It used more weights than other Zumba classes I’ve taken and I liked that – it’s a new studio that just opened and I think once everyone gets more comfortable with the steps it will move a lot faster – however, I sweated quite a bit.  Didn’t like the full length mirror along the wall that we all faced.  It doesn’t hide anything.  Nope. Nadda, Nyet.  I was all hanging out there, bouncing around in front of that mirror.  YUCK.  Perhaps next time I can just wrap myself in a muumuu before class.  Nah – soon enough things will tighten up and I’ll be proud to stand in front of that mirror – this I know!!

So I stayed within my WW points today, got 50 minutes of good exercise in and overcame a big hurdle when I by passed the quick, bad for me lunch on the run.  Now that’s something to be proud of!!


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