Goal Setting

Recently, fellow blogger Paul at http://paulbentley.wordpress.com/ made a post about BMI and setting goals for weight loss and wondered if he should increase his goals for the month.  I responded in the comments with what my boss has impressed upon me for the 23 years that we have worked together.  He claims that goals should be:penholder 

1. Meaningful to you
2. Specific, measurable and have a due date
3. The right size – you need to stretch but they are attainable
4. Written down
5. Posted and reviewed

Naturally this lead me to thinking about goals for myself as I travel this weight loss journey.  I have not followed any of the rules of goals other than that my journey is meaningful to me.  So I’m going to establish goals for myself and since it’s the middle of September, I’m going to just do a short term written goal thru the end of the month to see how I do with it.  For the next 2 weeks I’ve decided that I will

  1. Do 2 heavy aerobic workouts of at least 30 minutes per week.  Zumba or the elliptical
  2. Do 2 sessions of nautilus weights each week – 1 for legs and core and 1 for upper body and core
  3. Do 2 long walk sessions per week of at least 50 minutes each
  4. Track my Weight Watchers Points every day and stay within my allotment.  Record Everything.
  5. Lose 3 pounds from what my weigh in is tomorrow, thru the end of September.

Depending on how this goes, I will then set October’s goals, which will include learning more about wordpress so that I can spruce up my blog and add some of your links to my blog as well.  Man, is it really almost October?  Seems like yesterday was July!!


2 thoughts on “Goal Setting

  1. Love your goals. They are smart goals. 😀 I am working on what my goals will have to be for the rest of this month given my latest health development. 😀 I will be keeping up to see how far you come. You follow up on me and Make sure I set some goals! ;D

    • First you gotta get rid of the pain – man you hit a rough patch. As for the gained weight – hell, it’s still wet cement – it’ll come of quickly. Get better first and we’ll work on the losing together!!

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