I’m Back!!!!!


I know that all my blog readers thought that I’d given up on the dieting and decided to be Fat and Fifty-One?!?  Life was really hectic the 10 days following the hurricane and then we had a 5 day vacation in beautiful Nantucket that included a lovely wedding.

What a spot.  Although it’s a 2 hour drive and a 2 hour ferry ride from home, I’d never been.  I’ve done Block Island, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, but never Nantucket.  I saved the best for last – it was wonderful.  We rented a mini compound from a college friend which exceeded our expectations.  We could walk to the beach that is pictured above.







Downtown was lovely and although it was busy, it wasn’t nearly as hectic as it might be in high season. I’m sure that I would not have found downtown as enjoyable in high season.  We were three couples and we shopped, exercised, lunched, and did a lot of laughing.  I didn’t want to leave and can’t wait to make a return trip!!!

Dieting?  I’m sorry, did someone have to remind me about dieting?  I’m sure that those pesky 3 pounds are back – I missed my Friday weigh in and will just wait and weigh in this Friday.  I didn’t gorge myself over this trip, because I had a great role model with one of my friends who just lost 43 pounds, but I did enjoy some food and drinks.  I stayed away from burgers and reuben sandwiches 🙂 I did have a few french fries and a couple of light beers.

Interestingly enough, my friend that just lost the 43 pounds on weight watchers said she never ever exceeded the 29 points that WW allows per day.  She was so non chalant about it – “I ate what they recommended and carried snacks and water with me so I didn’t have a chance to get hungry and once I started losing and the clothes fell off me, that was all the incentive I needed.”  So I picked up a couple of the snacks that she recommended and reloaded on fruit tonite at the market and am back with a vengeance!!!!


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