Take Me Out to the Ballgame!!

September 4, 2011


Yesterday was our Five Year Anniversary of our first date, which was an impromptu trip to Fenway Park.  Imagine getting in a car with a man you’ve never met, not having taken a shower and going on a date to Boston?  Boston won in the bottom of the 10th that year with a walk off homer by Carlos Pena, a local boy who was traded to the Rays after that and now plays for the Cubs.  The Red Sox were not so fortunate yesterday as they got trounced by the Texas Rangers.  There was no offense and Lackey was his typical lackluster self.  The Bullpen didn’t help much either.  There were 2 good things about yesterday – the first were our seats and the second was my eating.  I’ll also say that the walking was a third good thing – we probably walked 2.5 miles or so over all!!

Typically, when we go to the ballpark, it’s a food frenzy for The Man.  He just loves all the food and has an agenda.  I know I spoiled it for him, but I couldn’t eat all that food and drink all that beer.  My preference at ballgames is to drink beer. It’s one of the only times that I drink beer.  So we started with the slice of NY style pizza that we always have.  He had pepperoni and I had cheese.  You know what?  I didn’t think it tasted that good.  If you’re going to treat yourself to something like a slice of pizza, at least I want it to taste good. It was undercooked and tasteless.  I thru some of it away (!).  Once inside the park, he wants sausage and peppers, hotdogs, pastrami…….I was full.  Seriously and I told him that and to have whatever he wanted.  He got a sandwich with sausage/peppers/onions.   I had nothing.  Well, I had a beer.  And another, and ultimately another.  Around the 6th inning we had a hotdog.  I’m not a hotdog fan, but a Fenway Frank at the ballpark, loaded with onions is delicious!!  I enjoyed every bite of it and it didn’t make me want more, as it has in the past.  I “relished” every bite of it.

So back to trying to get normal after Hurricane Irene today.  Plus continue cleaning and packing for our trip to Nantucket on Thurs.  I’m going with a WW dieter – she just lost 40 pounds, so that will be good for me – I know that she will keep me a bit in check, so that if I don’t lose much, I won’t gain those effin 3 pounds again!!!!

Happy Labor Day to all my dieting friends in Cyber space.  Keep on keeping on with the labor of dieting.  I know it’s working for all of us.


4 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ballgame!!

  1. John Henry and company is a class act Paul. They’ve done so much for the Red sox, fenway park and the community besides just bringing us Two world series championships after an 83 year drought. I hope you get here someday. Meantime, the Red Sox channel is showing the soccer games!

  2. Don’t you hate when you waste your calories and it does not taste good. I have not been to a ball game in a while. Have a wonderful and safe trip. Bridgette

  3. It is always difficult to change eating habits, like a day at the game. My big problems is picnics…
    Congrats on managing the event.

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