Between an Earthquake and a Hurricane

Busy week for an insurance agent in New England as we felt the earthquake that was centered in the DC area and now we have Hurricane Irene with her sights on us.  I had phone calls and emails from clients asking about coverage and were they all set.  It amazes me how unprepared people are for major events until they’re threatened by them.  Don’t you think that condominium unit owners would be concerned about the coverage to their building?  Not until there was an earthquake. 

As for diet preparedness, I feel that I handled this week much better than the past few weeks.  After a bad weekend I finally was disgusted with myself enough to understand that all I was doing was losing and gaining the same pounds over again.  It wasn’t working.  I did have a dinner party Wednesday night and I ate and drank very modestly and so I lost all of the extra weight that I gained over last weekend and now I’m back where I was about 10 days ago and I refuse to do that again to myself.  I’m also going to be starting to regularly do ZUMBA which was just a great exercise activity for me. 

So it’s been 4 weeks that I’ve been officially on WW.  Four summer weeks, which aren’t easy – particularly in August when everyone tries to fit in all their activities and events that they haven’t gotten to in June or July.  So that means more socializing which goes hand in hand with alcohol and food.  I’ve lost 5 pounds.  Well, actually I lost about 11, because I lost and gained the same 3 over again about 3 times.  I’m heading into fall in a good mindset, that much is true.  More exercise planned and less socializing and I start gearing up for ski season and getting into better shape.  I wasn’t very good with that last fall and so I know that I’m already that much better because I’ve started.

So happy storm to all of you – please be safe and I hope nobody has too much devastation.  I suspect Monday will be a very busy day with claims here in my office.  I say Bring it On!!! Claims is when I get the chance to show how really good I am.


2 thoughts on “Between an Earthquake and a Hurricane

  1. Well, I hope that no one needs to see how fantastic you shine come Monday, but it is good to know that you are there should they need you. I don’t think people think about insurance as what it truly is, unless they have worked (like I have) within the damage restoration business or the insurance business and had to work with so many people who didn’t have enough coverage. It is just hard to understand that you could be left without even a tooth brush after a fire or storm. It is hard to fathom how expensive it is to replace EVERYTHING you have–not just the big stuff.

    It is so heart breaking to see the distruction. May it pass all of us over this weekend.

    Yeah on your losing your 11 pounds!!

    Blessings …S

  2. Thanks Shonnie for once again sharing your concern and positivity. Yes, insurance is the necessary evil and I tell folks all the time that its great to have insurance but its even greater not to have claims.

    Enjoy your weekend. See you on the blog!

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