I’ve got a new name – Zumba Leigh.  I went last night to a class.  It was a special class because my boyfriend’s latin roots rock band was playing for the class.  I’m still on a high from the night.  It was spectacular.  There were 120 people that came to the church hall and Zumba’d to the band.  The leader did about 45 minutes of her standard class to music from her iPod.  Then the band came on and played for about 75 minutes (until the cops came and broke it up due to the noise!) and the instructor kept us all Zumba-ing to the groove.  I sweated for a good 90 minutes, smiled and just enjoyed the hell outta it!!  The leader is a RN and she used to be 230 pounds and she started teaching Zumba.  Her’s was a heart warming story of success and fighting to lose weight and make this business go and she’s a powerful woman.  She works with the lead singer of the band and has been asking him for months to do this, and finally the band went along with it and you never saw such a happy room of people exercising!!  All the Facebook comments since then have been so positive and upbeat.

Coincidentally, a noticed a brand new dance studio in my neighborhood yesterday and they’re going to be doing some classes there as well so I’m signing up and hope to go once or twice per week.  That’s how positive and upbeat I am about Zumba.  Not only that, but I felt great today!!  I expected to be more achy than normal (don’t forget about my Rheumatoid Arthritis), but I felt pretty good.  Until I took a fall in the hallway at work and fell on my shoulder and knee.  That’s gonna leave a mark tomorrow I know.

I’m looking forward to Zumba being a big part of my success at weight loss.  It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve really felt like I worked out.  What a bonus that I enjoyed it!!! And I was down 3 pounds this morning.  Again.  Swear to god, I’m not gaining them again…….

Repeat after me:  Come on and Zumba Zumba Zumba Zoom………


Zumba Leigh


One thought on “Zumba

  1. THAT’S Awesome girl! I love zumba! How fun to have a live band and just zumba away for 90 minutes of fun. I bet you were smiling away those 3 pounds. Go girl! Go!

    So sorry about the fall. I hate falling! DANG! Hope you don’t hurt too bad tomorrow.

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