I Feel Thinner!!!

I’m almost 3 weeks into this diet and I’m finally feeling it. I noticed earlier today that my slacks were a slight bit loose around the waist. I just put on a pair of shorts and don’t have to squeeze to button them!!! These are all the first good signs that help give me the incentive that the scale hasn’t. That all in all, there is a little reduction going on!!! I’ve been trying to offset my hunger pains with water and stayed away from the munchies, and have eaten more fruit.

This is the stage that I like getting to where you finally can feel small changes in your body. It’s a good stage and very motivating!!!


4 thoughts on “I Feel Thinner!!!

    • Shonnie, Thanks for putting me on the BKC Wall!!! I’m a good butt kicker and there are times when I need mine kicked!!! I don’t mind you asking me anything….my first goal is 20 pounds….then 20, and then 10. I’m truly tired of being fat, and making excuses about it. I’m extremely motivated about it, and know that my health will thank me!!!

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