7 ‘fat habits’ that keep you fat

7 ‘fat habits’ that keep you fat  Thank you MSNBC for writing an article about me!!!

Computer screen

I found this “interesting and insightful” article while I was downing my lunch in front of my computer at the office.  Yes, I’m guilty as charged.  I eat breakfast and lunch most days in front of my computer where I catch up on the news on the web.  It’s far more interesting for me to do that than sit in the kitchen where the TV drones on with some Hollywood Extra program and there is idle chit chat about last night’s reality TV program.  That’s enough to make you nauseous.  Hmmmm, maybe that’s a diet strategy I need to try.

I have learned that plating foods is a good self control practice – I do count out a serving of chips or mini rice cakes or peanuts or whatever.  I put it into my bowl and when it’s done, it’s done!!
Overinduling on the weekends?  That’s my biggest hurdle to get over. I wish I could adhere to just one “off plan” meal each weekend as they suggest.  It’s not even the food, it’s the wine that goes along with the food.  Cocktails have always been a big part of my social life – lesser so now as I’ve aged, but killing a bottle or two of wine over dinner with friends is nothing to me.  I’ve tried substituting water in between.  I did it the other night – I just peed more – I think I went to the bathroom 5 times in one evening!  If I could moderate the social drinking, I think the weight would come off quicker and I wouldn’t be watching my extra floating points during the week.  Right now I’m down to just the daily points plus 8 extras for Tues, Wed and Thurs.  I can do it, but it’s nice to have a little wiggle room.  Of course it would be nicer to have wiggle room in my pants, right?!?!?
I found some of the comments very amusing.  I find these days that many commenters seem to be incredibly cranky and critical.  They had contempt for the media outlet and the nutrition expert.  OK, so not everyone that stands up to eat is going to be fat.  However, I think eating in front of TV, or standing up, or picking food off your kids plates can add up to mindless calories that you don’t realize you’re consuming.  So all the writer was trying to do was to develop awareness of some issues that might lead to bad habits.  Get over it and if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.   .

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