My little slice of heaven

July 28 - Today

Greetings blog readers from my other home – Franconia, NH.  It’s a little slice of heaven and I made the 220 mile trek this morning so that I can attend a “Team Cannon” social function tonite.  Team Cannon is my crazy ski group.  We range in age from 50 (that would be me, of course) to 79 and we travel every year on a ski trip where we embrace the local color and flavor of different European ski resorts.  These are hard core skiers, athletes and partiers.  They embrace life with all the gusto they can and I hope that I’m just like the rest of them when I get to be 79.
I wanted to report on yesterday’s weight in – I was down 1.2 pounds which I was thrilled with since it had been a social week with bigger meals and drinking.  I still managed to lose a little weight.  Of course this morning I headed out without eating as there was no food in the house and so I decided to run into McDonald’s and thought that I’d have a semi healthy breakfast with 2 sausage burritos.  I was so proud of myself that I was skipping the hash brown.  I don’t eat breakfast often at Mickey D’s so when I do, I love to treat myself to hash brown, but I’m thinking that my blog friends will also be proud of me that I was so good. Until 5 minutes ago when I finally got online to check my points on the WW website.  Each of them is 8 points!!! 8 POINTS!!!! That’s more than half of my day’s POINTS???  I was supposedly saving every extra point to have some wine with my Team Cannon group.
Crap crap crap crap crap…..
I guess that I’m going to have to go downstairs and get on the elliptical machine and burn some calories before I get in the shower.  That might help assuage some of my guilt. Lesson learned by me today is don’t think because you’re not having all that bread or that it comes in a small package that it’s small points.  The other lesson is the one that we’re all struggling with – learn from it, don’t beat yourself up and go out and enjoy tonite and just try not to make the same choice again.
Wishing all of you healthy choices and also just wanted to mention how much fun it has been to share my journey with you so far – I have made some new fat blogging friends in the 2 weeks that I’ve been doing this and I’m so jazzed about it.

One thought on “My little slice of heaven

  1. I just came back from a hard walk and have added 7 activity points to today so that’s almost making one of my burritos a wash. I couldn’t get the elliptical to turn on, so I went to the great outdoors because it’s so lovely.

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