It’s been quite a week. Monday was a RI holiday so we met friends for the afternoon in Newport and it started thunderstorming so we hit the bar and hung there where I had 2 vodka and sodas, then we had dinner there and I had 2 glasses of white wine with my scallops for dinner. Yes, I had a dinner roll before dinner as well because I was starving from the 2 cocktails.  Alcohol does that all the time but I never learn! I could continue to kick myself and chastise myself, but the reality is that this is life. The dieting isn’t going to go smoothly every single day. It’s just not. All I know is that this time, when it happens, I get up the next day and I start doing all the right things again. And I did. The scale wasn’t my friend that morning but I really should learn not to step on it the morning after eating out because just the salt that they put in restaurant food is enough to add some water weight.

Yesterday was on plan, with a 40 minute walk supplemented by 20 hard minutes on the recumbent bike. Today, was back to Newport after a prospective client meeting with an old friend. Low and behold, she’s on WW Online as well!! So we thought that would be good to keep each other on track – of course she’s looking mighty fine. Much better than me.

So I’m prepping myself to understand and recognize that I won’t lose almost 3 pounds every week. But I’m just to keep at it, keep practicing restraint and know that throughout life, there will be temptations and evenings that I just will give in to the temptations and then will get back onto the horse and ultimately, over the long run I know I will be thinner, healthier and be able to find plenty of clothing in the closet to fit!!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Positive thinking is the key to success. Like you said it won’t be easy everyday, but when the good days start outnumbering the bad days, you are on the right track. Lots of success on your journey.

  2. Thanks K. I’m feeling positive and good – have spent all day on my feet moving furniture and dishes and cleaning and later will take the dog for a long walk and I know tomorrow will be a good weekly weigh in.

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